How former ref Tim Donaghy conspired to fix NBA games

How former ref Tim Donaghy conspired to fix NBA games

Google, the world’s largest Internet company, has unveiled its first cloud computing service, Stadia, at the GDC (Game Developer Conference) in San Francisco. “Stadia is a service that provides a completely new environment by streaming games on all types of devices,” said Sundad Pichai, chief executive officer of Google. 

Google’s aggressive entry into the game industry is the 5G (5G) era that will be held in the US and Korea next month. 5G is 20 times faster than existing LTE (4th generation mobile communication). New services such as Live VR (Virtual Reality) World Cup will be available as well as high-end game services based on cloud that were not possible in the past. 

◇ In the 5G era, the version of the game is changed

Major Internet companies such as Microsoft, Amazon and Tencent are expected to launch cloud gaming services this year as well as Google. Microsoft is launching its “X-Cloud” cloud service based on console games this year, and Tencent is working with Intel to prepare “Tencent Instant Play.” Amazon is also developing a cloud gaming service using Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s largest cloud service. 

The biggest difference between a cloud game and an existing game is where you store and play the game. Until now, games were downloaded to smart phones, PCs, console game machines, or used in CD and DVD. 

Games with high quality graphics are big, and the amount of data they need to play is huge, and online streaming is not the way to go. The performance of the device that drives the game was also excellent. Battleground, which is the most popular game last year, is an online game, but it is not a game-only PC.

However, when the 5G network is commercialized, games such as battlegrounds can be stored on cloud servers (large computers) and run on low-end PCs and smartphones. As the communication speed increases, latency (latency) problem, which is the biggest obstacle to streaming cloud games, is solved. 

When a user manipulates a game character with his or her own smart phone, the command is transmitted to the server PC of the cloud in real time, and the character moves, and again, this image is received on a smart phone in real time. For best services you can visit just goto 해외스포츠중계.

The cloud game uses a subscription model, which was mainly used for music and video services. With the existing download and CD purchase method, we received a fee for each game, but when the cloud game is commercialized, users can pay a fixed fee every month and play tens of thousands of games. It’s the same way you can subscribe to Netflix and enjoy all kinds of content. 

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