Japanese Researchers Teleport Quantum Information into a Diamond

Japanese Researchers Teleport Quantum Information into a Diamond



Then Cullinan was divided into 105 elements – 9 large diamonds and 96 small ones. The largest of them, Cullinan and called the Great Star of Africa with a mass of 530,20 carats, was placed in the finial of the royal scepters.

Diamonds in the family

Engagement ring

An engagement ring is a kind of jewelry that a woman wears all her life. Therefore, it must be durable, and the stone must be resistant to abrasion and tarnishing. That is why today’s most popular are engagement rings with a diamond

Is every diamond a diamond?

Diamond is a stone occurring in nature characterized by a matte surface with a small gloss and irregular shape. To obtain a beautiful glow, you should subject the diamond to grinding, and after grinding, the diamond becomes a diamond. So each diamond is a diamond, but not every diamond will become a diamond, because only 20% of the diamonds are sold to jewelry.

 that is almost indestructible.

And after the engagement ring, it’s time to get married …

that is, we have to buy wedding rings. Currently, the most fashionable wedding rings have a diamond or a few diamonds in the women’s version. The next stages are earrings with diamonds as a gift for the wife for the birth of a child, a pendant or bracelet for the anniversary of the wedding and so we will collect beautiful jewelry, which we pass to the next generation. As you can see, diamonds accompany us throughout our lives.

Black diamonds

Black diamonds called Karbonado are found only in South Africa and Brazil. According to the theory of some scientists, black diamonds formed as a result of a supernova explosion and have an extraterrestrial origin. They claim that they were made of cosmic dust, and then they fell to the ground as meteorites.Now take a look at how these features of 鑽石知識.

The most famous black diamond is “Black Orlov“, also called the “Eye of Brahma”. This stone was divided into three smaller ones, one of which was framed with white diamonds by the Cartier company. After framing the legendary “Orłowa”, Cartier started the fashion for black diamond jewelery.

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