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Readers who are with me longer know that I have a tendency to build hypotheses that are never confirmed. Such is my weakness, I like to understand reality, and how I lack the hard evidence to understand it, I fill my gaps with my own narrative.

I make this reservation to anticipate questions about evidence and the inevitable allegations that I do not have any. I do not have but I want to sum up my understanding of the scandal that found its final yesterday.

We already know that the new law will not be what the lobbying lobby has fought for for a year and a half. At first glance, the decision of the prime minister is suicidal, and in any case very risky, he fulfilled the will of “Rysia” without waiting even for the scandal to subside. But maybe it was the optimal output, the more so because it was secured by a multitude of “dupokrytek”.


There is no doubt that although the only scapegoat designated by the party is to be Chlebowski, he certainly was not alone, and his conversations were not innocent showing off. The sincere statements of the gambling businessman are quite uncomfortable not only for Chlebowski.


Włodzimierz Mękarski: Rysiek decided to reach people who can help us. (…) He played golf with these politicians every day, they talked about it. Fear of the word ‘gambling’ is so great for them that if someone even wants to help, he appoints meetings in cemeteries. (…) Would Minister Drzewiecki or Chlebowski officially meet with Rysiek Sobiesiak?

If it were otherwise, the prosecuted and troubled mobilised behind him, the prime minister, would immediately expel the guilty party from the party. You see, the prime minister did not feel cheated and hurt, because not only did he not punish the perpetrators (I am talking about real punishments, not rituals for the public), but he also did everything to finish their work for them and help them to get them out. All activities after August 14 served this purpose.You can get this right here without cost judi online.


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